Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phantom Phone Leg

My summer season has officially ended and I am grateful, once again, for the opportunity to have been asked to preach at 7 student camps/events this summer! What a privilege it is to preach to students about the power of God given through Jesus Christ!

However, once summer ends I feel like the guy who gets off the treadmill but is still running. Each year it plays out differently for me. Some years I'm just 'done', other years I am restless, but there is always some sort of 'readjustment' period to the lack of schedule that had become ingrained in me over the 7 weeks.

This year something odd has happened. I call it 'Phantom Phone Leg'. Here's what I mean... You know how a person who loses a limb at times has a 'phantom limb', which is a sensation where it feels like the limb is still there and has feeling? Well, for me, there have been several moments when I have felt my phone vibrating in my left pocket, but it wasn't in my pocket! I've been trained to feel it vibrate every so often that although it is not in my pocket, I still feel a vibration every so often! Bizarre!

I'm grateful that it hasn't been a worse adjustment. Thanks to Steph, Braelyn and Pastor Justin for your patience with me as I acclimate to normalcy...

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James Lane said...

It's a Blackberry thing, it happens to me all the time.