Monday, September 07, 2009

Kingdom Kuriosity

Just got word that my good friends, the Barrett's, lost their only source of income. I'm curious about what might happen if God's people would actually behave like a family and take care of their own? The Barrett's are in the process of training to become missionaries overseas. If you and yours would donate just a few bones, God would be glorified, they would be provided for, and you would be satisfied.

Total Amount Raised: $243.00 - 12:53 am (CST) on Sunday, September 13, 2009!


Thomas Wilson said...

AWESOME. Way to go Casey!

John Denby said...

Praise the Lord for guys like you who are about Kingdom work!

Anonymous said...


I can't thank you enough, brother. I shot you an email the other day. Check that out and give me a call.

encouraged and humbled,


Anonymous said...

And to anyone who prayed for us or gave, PLEASE get with Casey to give him your contact information!