Sunday, July 04, 2010

We're finally here!

So, this blog is two weeks late, but I wanted to let the few of you who still read it know that we have finally made it to the Magnolia area!  God has been so good to open doors at just the right time.  I knew that while I was going through the transition, but I still seem to have short & long-term memory lapses.  Anyone else there with me?

We have decided to live in an apartment for at least a year in order to meet people, and free up time to focus on planting the church.  I must confess, I LOVE IT!  First of all, we have 2 bathrooms now (with locks on the doors!), and are right in the area we want to plant in.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying with and for us during this time!  They have been heard.

I will be writing on here more often, Lord willing!

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Steve Corn said...

I've got "Thinkertoys" on my Amazon wishlist. What kinds of things did you get out of it??