Sunday, September 21, 2008

Behind the Times

I've always been a bit behind the curve in regards to what is hip or cool. With the exception of when my mom and dad took me to buy Z-Cavaricci's in the 6th grade, I haven't been that trendy. Occasionally, I realize that I like something, but I'm way behind the ball on getting the 'cool thing.'

Apparently it has happened again with the Castro-Style Dictator caps. I'd probably look pretty dumb in one, but I think once again I am going to be a late adopter. So, if you feel like getting me a random gift you can go here and ship it to my home address. :-)

Until that time, I will be content with my Black T's, Jeans and running shoes. I am blessed that on occasion my wife helps me get dressed, and that is cool.


James Lane said...

I feel you on this one. I stopped trying to keep up with the youngsters. My since of style was frozen about 9 years ago. As a general rule I stay away from hockey jerseys, shell necklaces, tight jeans, spinner belt buckles, LED belt buckles, screen printed polo shirts, Castro hats, sun visors, and anything that my wife calls "creepy" :)

Side note: Pray for me I have 2 more days here in Davao City, Philippines. God is working.

Andy said...

i have a military cap that i'll happily give ya, case. it's too small for my head.