Sunday, September 07, 2008

Preaching Quotes

I am currently reading through Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson for Intro to Expository Preaching and thought I'd share a few compelling quotes:

"Regrettably, many preachers fail as Christians before they fail as preachers because they do not think biblically.  A significant number of ministers, many of whom profess high regard for the Scriptures, prepare their sermons without consulting the Bible at all.  While the sacred text serves as an appetizer to get a sermon underway or as a garnish to decorate the message, the main course consists of the preacher's own thought or someone else's thought warmed up for the occasion (26)."

"In dependence upon the Holy Spirit, the preacher aims to confront, convict, convert, and comfort men and women through te  proclamation of biblical concepts.  People shape their lives and settle their eternal destinies in response to ideas (39)."

I've always known that God has called me to a weighty task, but the more I learn, the more humbled I am.  I covet your prayers.

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Bobby D said...

a to the men. The WORD is enough.