Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Mini "Vay-cay"

Steph and I are currently sitting in one of our favorite coffee shops in the country, Brasil, down on Westheimer in Houston. We have taken a 2-night 'vay-cay' to spend sometime investing in our relationship, celebrating our anniversary, and re-charging our batteries before my final semester in seminary. Our goals are: shop with Christmas money, eat well, sleep, eat, sleep, drink coffee, read, blog, shop, shop, eat, etc.

Since I travel quite a bit, I have learned that you can find great deals on Priceline.com and in the past we have gotten some sweet deals. So, as we were planning our little escape I went on Priceline and I put in $75/night for the Galleria area. To my pleasant surprise, we got a room at the InterContinental Hotel near the Galleria!!! Too good to be true?

I was amazed! Feeling proud (borderline arrogant) I boasted to my bride of our win and I shared my victory with my friends. It's a beautiful, high-end, 4-star hotel, and we got it for $75/night!!! How in the world could an expensive, plush, hotel afford to put commoners like us in its beautiful rooms for $75/night. However, when we got into our room, we figured it out.

We are on the 5th floor at the end of the building, right next to the workout room. The room itself is beautiful, but once you open the curtains, here is what you see:

It quickly became apparent why they were able to give us the room for $75/night. I was a little bitter about it, but I did ask the guy at the desk to, "give us the best we can get for what we paid for." He was probably thinking, "He he heh, I have a room for you, cheapskate!" However, we are grateful for our time, and don't care about the view. We'll enjoy living like royaltly on a paupers budget for a few days!

More to come, I'm sure.


James Lane said...

nice view! Jennifer's dad works on down there, on Westheimer. In fact, I am pretty sure it is that white building, right outside your window. Have fun on your get away and just keep those curtains closed.:)

Bri Westbury said...

75 bucks a night will get you a GREAT view here. But the commute is a killer. Something to consider.