Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Refreshing Drink

My soul has a been a bit dry lately. While I know that the Living Water has been given to me, and I'll never be thirsty again (see John 4), I believe that all followers of Christ have seasons when they are busy pouring out more than they are 'taking in'. I take full responsibility. It isn't as if God is running short of Himself. Afterall, he is eternal and infinite. The honest truth is, the last few months I had been far too busy and far too over-committed. It's my fault, and by God's grace He has placed people in my life (especially my wonderful bride) to wave the red flag and encourage me to slow down.

Over the break I had some good down-time and I'm feeling ready to take on the last semester of seminary. Also, over the last few weeks my 'tanks' have been refilled and I'm once again ready to charge Hell with a water pistol, as it were. However, there are times when we need a little encouragement, and it comes in many different shapes in forms. One of these great encouragements to me is the album Cannons by Phil Wickham. I just purchased it the other day, but God has been using it in a great way to stir my passions once again for Him. I thank God, and I thank Mr. Wickham.

Just a friendly reminder (to myself included) that our hope isn't in music, speakers, preachers, books, friends, pastors, etc. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. When discerning the benefit of a 'resource' we must always answer the question, "Does this stir my passions for God?" and/or "Does this encourage me towards Christ?" If we just feel 'spiritual' with no specific direction, then we are setting ourselves up for great disappointment at best, and idolatry at worst.

So, if you have $7.99 laying around you can go to and download the MP3 album and enjoy. His first self-titled album Phil Wickham is also great.

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