Friday, April 25, 2008

Brenham Pressure Washing - Update

On Monday evening I bought my new pressure washer and I was really excited to get started early Tuesday morning at my first job. I took the pressure washer out of the box, put it together, grabbed all my tools, my chemicals, new towels, hoses, etc. and loaded up my Civic. It was pretty funny, I had to put my pressure washer in the front seat of my Civic, because it would not fit into the trunk, nor the back seat (I have a 2 door Civic). A pressure washing site specifically said that I should get a van or truck, "Truck or Van - Something to carry your equipment and I don't advise showing up to a job site in a Civic."  That is a direct quote...

Tuesday morning I rose early to drive to Sugar Land to do my first 'official' job (2nd total) for our friends Rob and Morgan. Here are some before pictures.

So, I arrive around 9:45 a.m. and start unpacking my Civic.  I get everything out and set up the hoses, put gas into my pressure washer, and crank it up.  I take care of their fences first, no problem and work my way around the house.  When I get to the front porch, I decide to give my turbo head a try.  I put it on, and then pop.  It comes out.  I think to myself, "Hmm...  Maybe I'll wait on that one..."  Then I place another normal head on it and water starts spraying everywhere.  Turns out that I blew an O-ring...  Thus, leading to trip 1 to Home Depot.

When I got to Home Depot (about 10-15 minutes away) I grab a new spray wand and head back to the job.  I get back to work and finish the front walk and their sitting area without a problem.  When I get started on the driveway my washer loses pressure and then I hear a loud PSSSSHHHHHHH and look back at my rig and see water spraying out of the hose, at a high pressure.  Apparently the hose (which was a cheap piece of junk) touched my engine and burned right through.  Hence, trip 2 to Home Depot.

I find a hose, but it has a different connector than the one I was using.  However, it says it is compatible with Troy Bilt, so I grab an adapter and some other things and head back to the house.  

I get back to the house...  The hose does not fit.  It is raining...  Burrrrrrgh...  I head back to Home Depot for Trip 3.  I get there, grab a few other types of adapters, drive back to the house. DOESN'T FIT !@&*#*!!!!  SO, I get back into my 'inappropriate for pressure washing business' Civic and head to Lowes, which is about 20 minutes or so away.  I get there, grab a new hose, go back to the house, and finally get to finish the job.  I'm loaded up at 4:00 pm and heading out.  6 Hours to do a 3 hour job...  Tough learning curve.

However, the job turned out looking good and my clients were happy.  Here are some after pics.

I had the privilege of pressure washing my parents front and back of their house.  It was an all day project, but turned out great.

If you have any needs or know anyone who does, have them check out Brenham Pressure Washing!

I'll take customers in the Houston area as well as around Brenham...  No job is too small. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Casey,

You did an awesome job on our house. I highly recommend Brenham Power Washing to anyone who needs to have the outside of their house looking sparkling clean for the summer!

Love you,
Mom said...

That pressure washing civic part was so funny.LOL!!! It reminds me of the time we were serving at a church and our family started a cleaning business. Our whole family pitched in and God provided. We cleaned at banks after hours. My sister and I would make the night more fun by watching the ATM security cams. People look so funny getting there $ from an ATM. God Bless you and your ministry.

Take it easy-James

Morgan said...

Thanks Casey!! It looks great and really made a big difference.

Erica said...

John and I gave out 5 business cards yesterday! Oh yes, Brenham Pressure Washing is definitely the next big thing :]