Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pics from Braelyn and My Birthday Party in July


Steph said...

man, your daughter's gorgeous!

Alicia Z said...

Where is your big honkin pregnant sister? That's ok, I won't be around much longer! ;P (you know I am kiddin!)


Casey Cease said...

You didn't pose for any pictures!!!

Send me one and I'll put it up.

Oh and for your ridiculous statement: You promise?!? :-D


Alicia Z said...

HAHAHAHA! Yeah I know... that was a Valerie-ism I joke with a lot... she was serious, I am not, but it is so rediculous it is kinda funny. Don't really have any pics yet, mom took some but she knew I would find something wrong with them and deleted! :P (she was right, I always do!)