Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to Write?

As I mentioned in my previous post, it is time for me to start writing my first book. The hang-up is no lacking content, but lacking some direction. I have been and continue to be praying and seeking the Lord as to what would best serve His work and trust that He will lead.

Here are some of the ideas that I have been thinking about. They are in various stages of development, but I thought I'd share with those of you who would be willing to pray with me and perhaps offer some insight. These are working titles:

  1. Consequential Faith: A study of Matthew 6 (and various cross references) on pursuing a faith that matters.
  2. The Church's Silent Killer: Confronting the apathy in the American church, the problem, the challenges, and some biblical solutions.
  3. Living Biblically: Topical books discussing issues facing today's teens: Relationships, Discipleship, Campus Ministry, Family stuff, Purity, etc.
  4. The Whole Naked Truth: Confronting issues of purity pertaining to students. Not only dealing with abstinence, but also re-casting a vision for biblical marriage as something to look forward to and actively pursue.
There a few more ideas, but they are more chaotic thoughts that are not organized, so I will spare my readers from them for now... I'm just glad that I already have a publisher to work with. That relieves some of the initial pressure.


James Lane said...

I am praying for wisdom, for you, as you aproch these subjects.

Casey Cease said...

Thanks, James. I am grateful for your friendship and for your prayers.

Alicia said...

I am voting for the teen books.... just make sure you get it done within 3-4 years to be ready for Noah! :) Thanks bro!

Sheridan said...

I think The Church's Silent Killer sounds really applicable to us right now. Especially if you've got a Biblical solution that you could perhaps approach church-wide. I think many are willing to admit to the apathy of the Church, but not many know how to really address it other than to "try harder" or try to generate passion over programs (rather than Jesus). It might be helpful to know some spiritual disciplines a church could walk through to stir the fire in our hearts.

kaytie said...

All of those sound really interesting...and I'm sure no matter which direction the Lord leads you, He will use it for good. I can't wait to see...personally I'm drawn to the Matthew 6 option or the church's apathy...but perhaps I'll be singing a different tune before I know it when the kids are approaching the teen years...heaven help me!